Ides of March Activities

When it comes to Caesar and the Ides of March, you wonder how things would have changed if he only listened to the soothsayer and his wife and stayed home. But hey, greed and fame can do wonders on the psyche. Maybe if Julius played some of these Ides of March activities, he might have survived!

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Teaching in-person Drama in Uncertain Times

If you are one of the many theatre teachers that have to go out and teach drama in-person, it can be stressful and full of anxiety. For both you, your kids, and their parents. Data shows less than 20% of parents want to go back to full-time right now. But, if you are going back, here are some ideas that might help and relieve some of that stress.

I recently posed the question to a group of theatre teachers (from the FB group: Theatre Teacher Lesson Lending (awesome group BTW!)) who are struggling with the facts and thoughts of going … Continue reading

Treasure Island: Rum or Gum?

I recently had the privilege to watch a video of a school group in New Jersey perform my Treasure Island for Kids, and of course, it was AWESOME! That being said, one thing I kept noticing…. they were saying “Rum” incorrectly… but wait! No, they weren’t, they were saying “Gum”!

When re-writing classics tales like I do, I do my best to stick to the original plotline as much as possible.  However, there are several times where that’s not possible. Sometimes with the length of the story or around specific content covered in the stories.  And Treasure Island is … Continue reading