Can I photocopy the script?

First of all, the plays are copyright protected.  With that being said, I am ok with a school or educational group photocopying they plays, if they are in an educational setting AND not charging the kids to be part of the production. There is a small, nominal fee associated with the photocopying, so it can work within school budgets. (and if the school has no budget, well, contact me anyway, there is always a solution we can workout!) HOWEVER, if you are charging the kids to be part of this group, then, no, you CAN NOT photocopy the plays.  You will need to purchase one book per kid.  The good news is that you can buy a larger quantity directly from me at a discount (and they will be signed, and come with some sweet Shakespeare tattoos, too!)

Just contact me using the form below, or email: Brendan at


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