Hamming up Romeo and Juliet

So, I just performed Romeo and Juliet with a bunch of kids yesterday, and there were some fun anecdotal events that occurred that I just have to share! Maybe you can integrate these into your performance someday.

romeoFirst of all, Star Wars is all the rage, so Tybalt decided to walk out on the stage with a light saber in hand ready to duel and Mercutio took one look at him and said, “Dude, wrong story!” and Tybalt said, “Oh, sorry” and walked offstage and got the correct sword. The audience laughed!

In my version of the marriage scene, where Romeo is supposed to kiss Juliet, they end up shaking hands… But these young actors wanted to just touch fingers and then screamed for hand sanitizer as they ran around the stage… Hilarious!

At the end of the play, when hamlet kills Paris, Paris improvised the line, “cheap shot” and then proceeded to fall on his face when he died,… Too funny! 

The real point of all this is to continue to allow creativity for your kids.  Allow them to explore the edge of creativity so they learn in life that taking chances is the way you make a difference!


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