How old is Shakespeare? Fun activities to engage your kids.

So this is the 450th birthday of Shakespeare, and what are you doing to engage your children on this momentous day?

Shakespeare's birthdaySome people turn 50 as a milestone, this guy’s turning 450, wow!  Ok, so he doesn’t look as good as someone who is turning 50, but hey, we are still talking about him!

So, to get ready, here are a few fun activities to get in the swing of his 450th birthday!

  • Start a National “insult like Shakespeare day!” (use the insult generator here!)
  • Have everyone bring a known quote or word that Shakespeare coined and use it in a sentence (he has quite a few!)
  • Take the Bard quiz to see how well you know Shakespeare
  • Create a Shakespeare family tree
  • Have fun Shakespeare stuff out and about – like Shakespeare insult bandages!
  • Do 450 tweets about Shakespeare (as a class… that’s a LOT for one person!)
  • You can always just pass out parts and ready one of my hilarious melodramatic 15 minute versions of the Bard’s play!  That’s ALWAYS going to get the kids to like Shakespeare!

So, the next time someone asks, “how old is Shakespeare?”  Your kids will know the answer!

Let me know how it goes!

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