What Shakespeare can teach you about…

What Shakespeare can teach you about…EVERYTHING…Okay, I find this subject rather humorous.  It seems that anywhere you look on the web, there’s some site that can tell you how Shakespeare can teach you about fishing, or karate, or making money, or whatever!  So, I thought I would just peruse the web and see what Shakespeare can teach you about…. here are just a few I found… enjoy!





Power, Love, and Money

and lastly, here’s a spin for you: What Tron can teach us about Shakespeare!

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Brendan is the main creative source and author behind Playing With Plays and the infamous Shakespeare for Kids series. You can typically find him inventing by day, playing with his family by night, and writing by very late night.

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  1. Mark Eltringham says:

    HI Brendan. Thanks for linking in to my unexpected use of a sonnet to talk about technology. You may also like this, linking Henry V with flexible working from one of our other authors. http://officeinsight.org/what-shakespeares-henry-v-can-teach-us-about-flexible-working/

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